The Beginning.

Testing, testing. Check. Is this thing on?

Good day and welcome to the very first post on TMATF, a weekly blog from the frontman of a rock band (enter cliche here) trying to make it work in London, England.

Let’s get one thing straight from the start, this is not for you. This rambling nonsense is for me. Well, me and my sister to be exact. We are both metaphorical caterpillars, struggling for elbow room in a chrysalis of creativity awaiting the day that we burst free from our cell of obscurity to launch as butterflies into the grandeur of recognition and shit all over the windscreens of our doubters.

I am a frontman in a band, my sister is a budding author. We both have talent and have decided to begin respective blogs. This is partly so we can be creative in another medium and use it as a conduit for thoughts and ideas – and partly so when we get bored of it and want to give up, the other one can moan, whinge and make the other feel guilty about not doing it.

This will not be a self help guide or a step-by-step procedure of what (not) to do in order to be a successful live band. Nor will it be a retrospective look into the music industry or sneak peak behind the curtain.

This is just the thoughts and story of a 34 year old man, in a band, with a huge ego.

C x


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